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Carla Rayacich

Founder and CEO

Being the Founder of Athena Academy is the most important thing I have ever accomplished in my career. My previous career as an entrepreneur prepared me to become the founder of this nonprofit school for dyslexic children in Palo Alto. This is the most advanced school for dyslexic children in the nation, the first to develop a curriculum based on the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. At Athena Academy we are changing lives of these talented, bright children with reading disabilities, and finding better ways to teach dyslexic children everywhere.

In my early years, I was a founder of three venture capital funded start-ups in medical devices and healthcare service. I then changed industries to gain the experience of starting and growing a company on my own, without outside funding, which the mortgage business allowed me to do. After having children who were dyslexic, it was time for me to use my experience to become an Educational Entrepreneur, to create a school using the best methods for accelerating learning for these bright children.

With my extensive experience in dyslexia education, I am now embarking on an exciting new venture that aims to revolutionize the way dyslexic learners are taught through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our company's vision goes beyond just creating a AI platform. We aspire to establish strategic partnerships with educational institutions, schools, and dyslexia associations to promote the adoption of our AI dyslexic-focused programs in education worldwide.

Carla Rayacich
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